Tips for Healthy Weight Loss – From Personal Trainer Lex Ronin

Setting realistic expectations for yourself when choosing to diet and lose weight are the key to actually achieving the lifestyle changes you would like to reflect in the bathroom mirror. Taking one day and pound at a time can help you to stay sane and remain healthy. Here are a few tips towards achieving healthy weight loss, while celebrating the small victories of every day.

Take It Slow

Don’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed with the pressure of losing weight and achieving an unrealistic body image. Take one pound at a time and realize that losing one pound per week is not only physically healthy (no diet fad that promises 10 dropped pounds per week is healthy), but it’s also mentally healthy. Losing weight does not have to hold hands with losing your mind. Be your own coach and celebrate each and every pound lost.

Set Reachable Goals

If you really can only dedicate ten minutes a day for exercise, then telling yourself that you have to work out daily for an hour is setting yourself up for failure and disappointment. If you set reachable goals you can actually achieve, it will take away the unnecessary pressure as well as proving to yourself that you can do this. Having a negative inner voice can affect your emotions as well as your physical state. A personal trainer can help you come up with goals that are both realistic and ambitious.

Stay Focused on Being Healthy, Not Rail Thin

A key factor in weight loss success is altering your motivation for wanting to lose weight. Switching the focus from achieving a super model, stick-thin look to merely wanting to be healthy and comfortable in your own skin will drastically increase your chances for success, and will most likely make you happier in the outcome. You may not have to completely give up your favorite food, but by simply cutting back, you can still savor those little pleasures in life and be healthy at the same time. A couple more food tips that are easy to adopt are decreasing your portion sizes and eating more slowly. Allowing your brain to catch up with your stomach can automatically decrease the portion you eat.

There are a few daily habits you can adopt that can help you with a healthy well-being. Drinking more water and getting plenty of sleep every night, about 7-9 hours, can improve your mental clarity, helping to stay focused on your goals, as well as actually improving physical being. With optimal hydration and proper nightly restoration, your body is primed and able to function at top level.

Healthy weight loss takes into account many different factors, and what may work for a friend may not necessarily work for you. Remember that being healthy and achieving a positive attitude is more important and realistic than working towards a certain body image seen only in magazines. Hiring a professional personal trainer, like Lex Ronin, can help you accomplish your fitness goals.

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