My Bench Press E-Book

LRBenchebookThis is the “crown jewel” of my off season training protocol. It is based on the Soviet Percentage System of power-lifting and never fails to deliver! The challenge for an advanced bodybuilder is often breaking growth and strength plateaus. My solution for both myself and my clients is a 6-12 week break from traditional hypertrophy geared workouts and “downshift” to a less time intensive but greater stress training that is more akin to Power-lifting training. The beauty of this is that for a bodybuilder or anyone else who values not only size and power but also aesthetics , the body responds wonderfully both during this power phase and as well when one resumes bodybuilding training.




My Lean Mass E-Book

A definitive , No B.S guide to building LEAN MASS. Time tested principles boiled down to basic , easy to implement steps that get RESULTS. Over my time in bodybuilding I’ve used several protocols and this is the one I always fall back on. There are certainly more advanced methods but as this is the most straightforward and doesn’t require a doctorate to implement nor will it cause excessive weight gain (REAL bulk and not lazy off season Bro-bulk). I’m the classic 130 pound weakling who got results and now I’d like to pass my methods on to you.






My Pushup E-Book

Some folks begin training and their “natural gifts” do all the work at first and some have to work both hard AND smart. At the end of the day it really doesn’t matter. What matters is the ability to put “steel on target”. First you have to want it (and since you are looking for this book ,I assume you want it pretty bad) and Second , you need a direct plan of action with no distractions. What I have here is a practical , A-to-B, no B.S plan to get you to 50 to 100 pushups inside of a month. Whether you can only do Wall or Knee pushups or just want to add to your Full Pushups. This is the plan I was originally taught by my Drill Sergeant back in the day and its the plan that I later resurrected as a bodybuilder to keep my “functional strength” tight and its the plan that teach my fitness and self defense clients today. You know that guy you hear about who rolls out of bed and rocks out 100 pushups? Yeah , I’m that guy. Come learn and step up your game.