Form follows fitness function

I have always been of the mind that it is far more honorable to define yourself by what you ARE rather than what you ARE NOT. In sales it is nearly impossible to not be assailed by an “us versus them” style marketing psychology. Honestly, I find it tiresome. ESPECIALLY when it comes to fitness. Diet styles and exercise methods and tools are just that….TOOLS. Until you are at elite 5% standards of fitness , the fractional difference between one method or another isn’t worth considering. This is particularly true when it comes to the latest “Functional Fitness” fad. Friends, there is no such thing as “Functional Fitness” in and of itself. You want to train for MMA? Then do MMA training. As in training that is specifically designed for MMA. You want to be a runner? Then train like a runner. Want to be a fitness model? Then do just that. However, none of these examples have much to do with one another. Are they all “fit” or “unfit”. The reality is that there isn’t much to the definition of fitness. Outside of a proportionate body fat ratio, some strength and metabolic standards there isn’t much to worry about.  After that, the choice is yours. Define your function and let your fitness choices follow.

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