• Duration 1 hour
  • Trainer Lex Ronin
Difficulty Level
  • Low
  • Meduim
  • Tough

lex_ronin_from_to14583441_1189870117747618_1463975968329695232_nFitness-Silhouette-VectorI have good news for you! There is no longer a reason to choose between “Bigger” or “Badder” . Better yet , you can sleep well at night knowing that there was never a time when “functional fitness” was real The truth is that REAL DRUG FREE Bodybuilding will make you strong , fast and HARD. Here at RFD , I teach old school “meat and potatoes” weightlifitng and 1970s era “Golden Age” Bodybuilding methods only. Ever see “Pumping Iron”? That’s how we roll here! At the end of 26 weeks you will have a COMPLETE knowledge of the fundamentals of calisthenics , basic power-lifts , muscle building and a little boxing (I throw that in for fun. Weightlifting + Boxing = Winning) Your Best Days Are Ahead Of You.


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