RONIN Combative Fitness Standard

  • Duration 1 hour
  • Trainer Lex Ronin
Difficulty Level
  • Low
  • Meduim
  • Tough

The Truth About Self Defense

Many years ago as young skinny (loud mouthed , arrogant) newbie Traditional martial artist , I was asked “If Size and Strength doesn’t matter then why are there weight classes in MMA?”. That question truly put me on my back and led me to question if I had been drinking the Martial Arts “Kool Aid”. Fast Forward 10 years later after over 10,000 combined hours of study , training , coaching and being coached likewise and many many experiments , I finally found what I feel to be the “Philosophers Stone” when it comes to Physical Conditioning for Self Defense. So the answer to question “Does Size and Strength Matter in Self Defense” is ” No and Of Course”. The Question was never “Either/Or” but “How Much/What Kind/ When/and What If Not”


This is where my “Combative Fitness Standard” was born and it here to provide you “Minimum Effective Dose” needs for your Self Defense Conditioning so you can master what needs to be mastered and use your time effectively in the other domains of training. Here at Ronin Fitness DFW you will learn.

– Exactly HOW STRONG you need to be based on height and frame and a timeline of where you are and where you are headed and how to maintain (why spend endless hours on “gainz” that can’t even be defined or applied?)

– A practical stretching-breathing-meditation routine that covers all your needs in no more than 10 to 30 minutes a day
– A Minimalist Cardio Method that actually matters (no more hours on the track or treadmill)
– Military Grade Body-Weight Movements for Minimalist Strength Including PROPER PULL-UPS (whether you’re a boy or girl)
– The “BIG 4” Power-Lifts that will make you freakishly strong in two 40 min sessions a week
– An Abbreviated Once-A-Week “Olympic Clean and Jerk” that covers all of your explosive power needs
– A kettlebell-Indian Club Routine that Covers ALL of your Power-Endurance Needs
– An Old School NINJUTSU (Yes , I said Ninjutsu) conditioning method known as Junan Taiso that I found to be perfect for linking all the Athletic Domains together and increasing spatial awareness

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