• Duration 1 hour
  • Trainer Lex Ronin
Difficulty Level
  • Low
  • Meduim
  • Tough

Personal Training is PERSONAL!

silhouette_pushup See that pretty lady in the picture there? That is Abbye “Pudgy” Stockton. She was one of the original “Bar-Belles” of the 1940’s “Silver Age” of Bodybuilding and , as you can see , she was certainly NOT “manly” looking. What is even more remarkable is that so much of her training WAS “manly” ie: She lifted weights . The simple truth is that men and women are structurally and hormonally very different and when those bodies are placed under excercise stress , those different bodies will adapt and express themselves in different ways. Imagine Wonder Woman’s strong legs against Superman’s big upper body. That is the difference under similar work
With this understood , here at the Ronin Fitness DFW , we DO modify the training to maximize the unique way women respond to training utilizing the 80/20 principle. As a rule here , Men’s training is 80% upper body and 20% lower body. Ladies are exactly opposite with 80% Glutes ,
Legs , Waist and Abs and 20% to keep those arms trim and tight but not too bulky with a little total body kettlebell and flexibility work to keep everything in balance

Training here is 100% One on One. There is NEVER more than one trainee here at one time. No lurking “audience” here to distract you. Taking control of your body requires 100% focus so need to worry about looking good for the gym. Just come to Do Work! . I look forward to assisting you in getting in shape and ultimately learning the method yourself so you can be in the drivers seat for the rest of your life. ON YOUR TERMS. Get in touch here or at 817 435 3325 and lets do a FREE session so you can get a feel of what Old School Fitness is all about!


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